Vegan food your momma would approve of. FULL OF FLAVOR, FULL OF SOUL.

You can stay close to your roots and culture with vegan twists on dishes you grew up with and loved your whole life.

We’ll show you how with hands-on cooking lessons and guided grocery store tours.

The Black Vegan Company proudly serves clients in the Austin area. Check back in to see when we’ll be in your city!

Vegan food you actually WANT TO EAT.

You don’t have to go hungry or sacrifice flavor to be healthy. You can eat good food that’s hearty and good for your body too.

But, don’t take it from us.

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Impeccable flavor, delectable food and exquisite service is what I think about when The Black Vegan Company comes to mind. I first tried their food in August 2018, and then a few months later I ordered their delicious meal prep items. I had vegan flautas with an avocado crema that still makes my mouth water to this day. The next time, I had their lasagna. I ... was definitely sad when I finished it! Everything I have tasted from this company has been delightful. The Black Vegan Company encompasses a level of professionalism that one can only dream of encountering when working with other entrepreneurs and small business owners. Something that I absolutely love is their mission of educating the community about vegan options and debunking the myths associated with the lifestyle - like the idea that vegan food has to be bland and basic! My experiences with the owner, Robin, have also always been positive. If you're in the market for a vegan company for your event, meal prep or even for a speaking opportunity, look no further than The Black Vegan Company. You will most definitely be glad that you did.

- Xav, “Plant Based Brotha”

The Black Vegan Company is so much more than just a food company. They are a movement that is committed to changing lives through education, cooking lessons and an energy that screams, "I love you!" They’ve changed my life. My mindset and habits when it comes to food have forever been impacted and enlightened! Thank you so much for all the good that you a ... re putting out into the world. I highly recommend anyone and everyone to work alongside them and with them!

- Manny Castañeda, Owner of Whatcha Cravin

I was at a company launch party when I first ran into The Black Vegan Company. I was starving and grabbed a sample plate. Everybody knows the importance of eating healthy. It wasn't the comprehension part; it was the physical act of tasting the dish that changed my life as well as my children's lives. I signed up for the grocery store tour and then the cooki ... ng lesson to learn how to change in my own cultural dishes. My body changed, my mindset changed and I never had to give up on taste. The food is incredible.

- Deena Abdul

When I first met The Black Vegan Company Founder, Robin, she told me about her passion for teaching people, particularly people of color, about healthy plant-based eating. I was intrigued. So I began ordering meals. I instantly realized she found the key — her food was savory, delicious AND healthy. She came to my home for a cooking lesson to teach me how ... to use spices in food as natural, preventative medicines and to make it taste yummy. Robin is extremely smart, conscientious, hard-working, professional and uber talented — a beautiful person inside and outside. She is trustworthy and does what she says she will do. She has so much wisdom to offer our ailing world.

- Gaynor L.

Every part of the evening with Robin was not only a tasty adventure, but one of those memories you’ll never forget. Picking out our food for the evening, reading ingredients, discussing flavors - the entire shopping experience was enlightening, fun and encouraging to keep eating healthy. When our dinner guests arrived they were welcomed with the delicious ... smells and a smiling, laughing Robin cooking from our kitchen! She will absolutely be invited back!

- Maggie Jo

Growing up in Texas where meat is expected at all meals, I had never really felt a need to find alternatives in my diet. The first time I experienced The Black Vegan Company was at an event and the food was so delicious. Robin’s love for people shows in her food as well as her presence. I highly recommend The Black Vegan Company if you’re looking for a c ... hange, catering for an event, or help grocery shopping when switching to a vegan diet.

- Andrea Simmons, Owner of Face Forward