Saving lives. Starting with food.

People don’t want to sacrifice flavor to improve their health, especially in Latino and African American communities. Our cuisine is part of our culture and identity, so it’s hard to think about changing the food we grew up with.

Our mission is to provide vegan guidance and meal solutions that are full of flavor and full of soul, so that you don’t lose those ties to your family, culture and foods you love.

We want to revolutionize the way people think about veganism by showing clients that vegan food can be just as delicious as the food they’ve eaten their entire lives.

Born from a bullet.

In July 2013, The Black Vegan Company Founder and Head Chef Robin Beltran’s husband was shot during a robbery that destroyed his organs. She quickly discovered that the only way he could process food was to eat a plant-based diet.

That change rippled through their household of four, into their immediate and extended family and onto their closest friends who all experienced incredible health transformations as a result of their new vegan diet. Before she knew it, Robin was helping everyone in her life become vegan.

The more people who saw her family’s transformation, the more who wanted to replicate it for themselves.

Since then, Robin has made it her mission to help Black and Brown communities get woke about the food they put in their bodies and how a plant-based diet can result in major health benefits while also keeping culture alive. She believes in the healing power of food, because she’s seen it up close, and she wants to share what she’s learned with the world.

“Saving lives, starting with food”, isn’t just a tagline for Robin. It’s her purpose in life.